Benjamin Bargetzi

Benjamin Bargetzi

TechPreneur, Expert on Business Transformation, Neuroscience, Change & Digitalization
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Benjamin Bargetzi is a TechPreneur and internationally sought-after expert on future-proof transformation strategies as well as the intersection of digitalization, change management and neuroscience.

Coming from a big tech background in senior positions at Google and Amazon, Benjamin Bargetzi became a successful international tech entrepreneur, founder and investor in various technologies such as augmented reality, metaverse, neuroscience technology, eCommerce and data platforms. Prior to entering the tech industry, he was a senior strategy consultant for Europe’s leading futures institute 2b AHEAD, for which he advised Fortune 500 companies on future-proof business models.

Benjamin Bargetzi Lecture topics

  • Tomorrow’s World – Digitization Meets Neuroscience: What you can learn from technology companies and neuroscience to be successful as a company in tomorrow’s markets.
  • Amazon, Google, Meta & Co: Digital transformation, process optimization and innovation; this is how it works.
  • Changing customer behavior – How will the world evolve in the coming years and what can we learn from neuroscience to grow from these changes?
  • Technology, Culture & Entrepreneurship – How to develop a future-proof corporate culture ready for the next century?
  • Embedded IT – How to optimize collaboration between tech and business teams.
  • Big Tech meets Neuroscience – How to scale business models and enter new markets.

Business Transformation, Innovation and Neuroscience – Benjamin Bargetzi combines cutting-edge neuroscience with leadership training to present revolutionary ideas on how to transform your business, unlock the full potential of your people, and learn from neuroscience on how we handle and master change situations.

In captivating presentations and interactive workshops, Benjamin Bargetzi shows companies how to use psychology and modern work methods to improve culture, HR, sales and branding.

Benjamin Bargetzi researched and studied the human brain at world-leading universities in Oxford, London, Singapore and Zurich alongside international pioneers in the field. Following his scientific and humanitarian passion, he founded ACIT Global, the Association for Critical and Interdisciplinary Thinking, a global think tank and research institute dedicated to spreading free education around the world and exploring how contemporary trends will shape tomorrow’s businesses and societies. Benjamin Bargetzi is also regularly recognized as one of the world’s best players in various strategy games.

Benjamin Bargetzi: „I dream of a world where humanity can reach its full potential. To achieve this world, we need an understanding of the human brain, its mechanisms and its needs. We need clear insights into the rapid developments in science and technology that will soon change the world as we know it.“

As a keynote speaker, Benjamin Bargetzi is regularly invited by world-leading companies and universities to speak at conferences and summits about strategies for success in digital transformation, the world in 2035, and the application of neuroscience in business. His keynotes equally bring together technological, human, and business factors to best prepare his clients for success in an uncertain future. Specifically, he combines the latest research strands in neuroscience and psychology with clear insights into his clients‘ industries to help them achieve holistic transformation.

Benjamin Bargetzi immerses himself in changes in technology, customer behavior, and work culture to help companies become truly data-driven, innovative, and future-proof. In doing so, he uses insights from cognitive science and neuroscience to explain the market trends and opportunities of the future and provide tangible insights for his audience’s specific industries. His transformational approach to business thus combines technology, entrepreneurship, psychological science, and a forward-thinking mindset.

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Benjamin B. Bargetzi - New Work meets Neuroscience | ThyssenKrupp Material Services | Cologne 2022


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