Arlian Ecker

Arlian Ecker

"Plastic Free Boy" - passionate environmentalist

Speaker biography

Australian student Arlian Ecker, known as the „Plastic Free Boy“, has been campaigning for ocean protection for many years. He is on a global mission to save the ocean from plastic pollution.

His mission began in 2017 when, on his 11th birthday, he saw three sea turtles released back into the ocean – injured by plastic. He found out that by the time he is 42, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. He also realised that this will not only have a big impact on the sea creatures, but also on us humans, when millions of people who depend on fish become climate refugees.

Together with his mother Karin Ecker, who is a filmmaker, the inspiring and educational documentary „Plastic Alarm“ was made, which shows the problems and solutions of plastic pollution. Arlian Ecker has since brought thousands of children together by showing his film in schools around the world.

„I believe that my generation is the key to change. Let’s make environmental protection part of school education. Through engaging and inspiring education, we can motivate children to become future leaders.“

Arlian Ecker Lecture Topics

  • Sustainability
  • Gen Z and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Circular Economy
  • Youth engagement
  • Biodiversity
  • Meaningful work and life

Arlian Ecker inspires not only school children but all generations with his mission to protect the ocean and our waterways by highlighting scientific facts such as microplastics and its impact on human health.

His film campaign and international speaking appearances have been honoured by being nominated for Green Globe Awards. In 2019, he became a youth ambassador for Clean Up Australia Day.

As an ambassador and speaker on the environment and sustainability, Arlian Ecker speaks about how he unites and empowers future generations by working with community groups, businesses and government agencies to co-create a sustainable future.

„I love talking to students about the importance of our environment and showing them that they can be part of the solution by developing innovative projects to solve today’s problems. I share my story and my successes to inspire them and show them that no one is too young to make a difference.“



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