Antoni Lacinai

Antoni Lacinai

Entrepreneur, Expert on Communication, New Work & Leadership

Speaker biography

Antoni Lacinai is an international keynote speaker and workplace communication expert, at the cross-point of Conscious leadership, Customer focus, and Employee engagement. He is often interviewed on national Swedish media and TV and is a regular columnist at various leadership magazines.

Antoni Lacinai loves to create illustrations for his keynotes, songs for his friends, and business blueprints for his customers. He has a unique way of making complex matters simple. Perhaps that is why he never learned more than four chords on his guitar…

Antoni Lacinai Lecture Topics

Antoni Lacinai is a keynote speaker, author, and executive coach on Workplace communication. He is at the cross-point of Leadership- and Customer communication as well as Employee engagement.

Employee engagement

The hidden reason for Employee engagement. Your communication determines your engagement.
We know that employee engagement overall is too low in many countries. A minority feels really motivated and engaged, happy to come to work and perform at their best. On the other end of the scale you have the saboteurs who spread their poison and make everyone around them feel miserable. They will decrease the overall productivity by a third if they are left to their own actions. So how can your organization increase peoples’ positive feelings toward your workplace? How can you boost collaboration and elevate the motivation? The key is in how you and your colleagues communicate with each other.

In Antoni’s keynotes, you will get insights on:

  • Why teams and organizations get stuck on the wrong level of engagement
  • What the best teams do to outperform the rest.
  • Where Gallup is right – and wrong – in their analyses of employee engagement
  • Why your brain needs a green light to be productive, creative and constructive
  • The three superpowers of communication and how they are real game changers
  • Up to 20 Communication insights and concrete tips

This keynote is suitable for main stage performances. The audience are both leaders and team members who want to get insights and an energy boost.

Leadership communication

You get the team you de-SERVE. Communication as a leader.

In Antoni’s keynote, you will get selected insights on:

  • Why it matters that everything about you communicates
  • Why Empathy is a game changer or show-stopper
  • How Energy and Clarity affect engagement
  • Why a focus on only efficiency will backfire
  • The 7 E’s of executive excellence
  • The challenges with virtual leadership
  • The three levels of listening
  • How to have brave conversations.
  • How you can lead effective meetings, analog or digital.
  • How to agree on high performing, meaningful goals, and increase motivation

Suitable for a main stage performance. Target audience are informal and formal leaders, and line managers

Hybrid leadership

Hybrid leadership and hybrid workplaces.
We are not going back to anything. We are going forward. Hybrid workplaces are here to stay and most organizations realize that if they must force people back to the office, something is deeply wrong.

In Antoni’s keynotes, you will get insights on:

  • The six challenges of hybrid leadership – according to a study of more than 500 leaders across the world conducted by Antoni Lacinai
  • The cost and the gain of poor and great engagement
  • Why hybrid workplaces can give you the best of both worlds
  • 12 tips for awesome hybrid meetings
  • Why self motivation and self leadership is key in a hybrid setting
  • The do’s and dont’s of hybrid leadership
  • The three superpowers of communication

Suitable for main stage or breakout rooms. Audience are leaders and/or team members who want to navigate in the hybrid workspace

Set goals. Get goals. Have fun.

How to set meaningful goals and boost motivation. Maximizing performance with meaningful goals.
Goal psychology reveals that if you set a proper goal you will increase your performance by 15-30%. That is a lot! But what is a proper goal and how come so many people are afraid of goals, tired of goals or simply confused by what a goal really is?It is time now to elevate your game and set goals, get goals and have fun during the journey.

In Antoni’s keynotes, you will get insights on:

  • Why so many people don’t like goals
  • Three different kind of goals
  • A unique goal setting model for high performers
  • An effective motivation formula
  • 7 motivational boosters

Antoni Lacinai supports leaders and teams who want to be world-class communicators. utilizing a unique blueprint, based on deep psychology and years of research, This facilitates massive outcomes – and more fun at work. His firm belief is that if we get along better we will collaborate better, and if enough good people and corporations do that, we will have a chance to break the downward spiral of the climate crisis and help our young people with their future.

Antoni delivers with positive energy and high clarity. His keynotes are filled with both inspirational insights and a strategic outlook, but also concrete tips on how to lead, serve and collaborate better. All this to have a more motivating work life and get better results.

Antoni was nominated as The international speaker of the year in Finland 2022. In 2019 he came in 3rd place at the Swedish championship of Storytelling, and he has also been voted one of the most popular speakers in Sweden in the last four years. His TEDx talk has been an inspiration to more than 200,000 viewers.

Antoni is an author and co-author of 13 books on communication, a regular columnist at leadership magazines, and is interviewed on national TV and media.

Antoni Licinai continuously studied leadership, consciousness, marketing, psychology, mental training, NLP, coaching, and more.

Antoni is a board member of the National Speakers Association – Sweden, as well as the Global Speakers Federation. He is also a member of the Virtual Speakers Association International.

Antoni Lacinai is a Certified Virtual Presenter

Added to this, Antoni Lacinai is also regarded as one of Sweden’s best moderators and the perfect go-to person if you want a professional moderator who is not a celebrity stealing the focus from the content. In this capacity, he has shared the stage with people like Simon Sinek, Gary Kasparov, Arianna Huffington, ministers, etc.

Before his career as a keynote speaker, Antoni worked in the IT/telecom industry in various leading positions, in sales and marketing, from 1990.

Antoni lives in the south of Sweden where he spends most of his time with his family and friends between assignments. He also debuted as a fictional writer in 2020.



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