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Anja Förster: Everything but ordinary.

Anja Förster is a thought leader for a new generation in business and management. Passionate. Refreshing. Everything but ordinary. She calls out to every manager, specialist and dedicated employee: The age of the gray, emotionless, dreary economy dominated by columns of numbers is over!

Anja Förster is a bestselling author, management consultant and founder of the Rebels at Work initiative.

Her work focuses on the rules of tomorrow's economy. Saying goodbye to old guidebooks, familiar paths and well-trodden tracks. Her clients include leading national and international companies, associations and foundations. Her books can be found on bestseller lists and have been translated into many languages.

Whether management or customer event, kick-off, congress, event or conference - Anja Förster's presentations motivate, blow through, move, clean up, question, inspire, challenge and recharge your batteries. Over the past 15 years, Anja Förster has given keynote speeches in German and English in more than 30 countries, inspiring people to change and think differently.

Anja Förster Lecture Topics:

Instigation to think differently
Digitalization, new competitors, changing customer needs and business models. Change doesn't crawl forward, it leaps.
- Why you should tackle change just when things are going well.
- Why experiments are uncomfortable, but certainties are absurd.
- Why a new way of looking at things is more valuable than mere intelligence.
- How you can learn so quickly how the world is changing.

Leadership in the digital age
How you can create an environment where people tackle extraordinary things and make them happen.
- How you create an environment where everyone does their best.
- What really motivates people to perform at their best.
- Why our calendar never lies.

The answer to a complex, changing world is not to dictate, control and contain. If you don't continuously try new things and create a variety of ideas, you will be left with an extremely narrow scope of possibilities. Society and the economy need many more self-thinkers and self-empowered people who use their leeway. That's why the democratization of the working world and New Work are a huge opportunity for people and organizations alike.

In the initial enthusiasm for this development, one thing is often overlooked: Freedom and self-determination require that we also take responsibility for our actions.

You can't have one without the other. So the maxim is not "I want a lot of freedom and as little responsibility as possible" combined with the question "What can you offer me?" New Work is not synonymous with demanding free massages at work and unlimited annual vacation. The democratization of the world of work does not mean that we can do whatever we want from now on. It means that we can, perhaps even must, shape the world. It implies an obligation.

Anja Förster - Her presentations are:

A Manifesto for Digital Leadership: the answer to a complex, changing world is not: even more specifications and control. That's like trying to stem the tide with a sandcastle. Nice try, but no chance. Digital transformation requires a new way of thinking: freedom, personal responsibility and a different understanding of people management. Leadership is not something that is bestowed by job title, but depends on the acceptance of those being led. On the other hand, it also means that employees have to reconceive their role as self-thinkers and self-empowerers. This requires open debates without prohibitions on thinking. Courage to change structures. And the energy to implement them.

Action impulses for success in turbulent times: Being successful in times of digitalization, disruption and profound change? This requires the ability to constantly develop fresh ideas. In business, agility and innovative strength are synonymous with vitality. To maintain this, Anja Förster sprays fresh ideas and food for thought in his presentations. What is never on his agenda: standard fare.

A swan song to recipe books: If you don't continuously try something new and create a variety of ideas, you are left with a very narrow scope of possibilities. This works well for a while, because limitation initially provides an overview. Over time, however, limitation becomes boundedness. And limitedness turns into simplicity. That means: First, open up the variety of possibilities! Second, to search the range of possibilities for suitable designs and to pursue only what is suitable. In other words: We must experiment, experiment and experiment again.

An incitement to think further: If you build fences around people, you get sheep. Anja Försterz encourages us to break up encrusted structures and makes the case for rethinking leadership and work. There are no blueprint answers, but there are patterns of thought and action for new and agile forms of collaboration. Keywords: personal responsibility, speed, willingness to experiment and error culture.

And much more...

For presentations and innovation sessions, Anja Förster & Peter Kreuz are available individually on stage, or as a power couple. As you wish. We are looking forward to your request!



Anja Förster

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