Andy Fitze

Andy Fitze

Expert Digitization & Artificial Intelligence, Founder SwissCognitive "The Global AI Hub"

Speaker biography

Andy Fitze – Pioneering Global Corporate Digital Strategies.

Andy Fitze is the founder of Swiss Cognitive – “The Global AI Hub”. He holds a degree in electrical engineering (HTL) and an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen. During his operational activities in large companies, he managed numerous international projects and held various leadership positions in IT and technical process automation. Among others, he was responsible for IT governance at Postfinance and as Group CIO of Ruag he was a member of the extended Group Executive Board. Andy Fitze is a digital cognitive strategist, top global AI and digital transformation advisor for start-ups and enterprise boards, tactical leader, and an AI influencer.

With Dalith Steiger, Andy is the co-founder of the award-winning start-up SwissCognitive and the CognitiveValley Foundation. He is president of the Swiss IT Leadership Forum, member of the Board of Directors of ICT Switzerland and SwissICT, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Service Management Partners. Andy Fitze is a lecturer and Member of the Strategic Advisory Board at Bern University of Applied Sciences. To share his 30 years of extensive knowledge and experience, he is often seen on global stages.

Andy Fitze Presentation topics

SMART DATA “Data Explosion, but All Hidden in Your Data Center” – “AI & Data: How To Make The Marriage Work”.

In his keynote, Andy Fitze will focus on the interrelationship between data quality, quantity, accessibility, infrastructure, and competency, and how these components can evolve in concert with human cognition to achieve efficiency and productivity for both society and businesses. Data alone is nothing. So is technology. There are many ingredients at play. But even world-class data and technology would not go together without human intervention. In fact, there is no one component that plays a more important role than the other. It is human cognition that can drive the interplay of data and AI in harmony for the benefit of all aspects of our lives.

Andy Fitze takes a close look at data, AI and the human factor and will highlight topics around data governance, new AI-driven business strategies and data literacy through transparent knowledge and experience sharing.

NEXT INDUSTRY / DIGITAL OPERATION / DARK FACTORY – “How AI is driving primary and secondary sectors.”

The role of AI in transforming natural resources and raw materials into tangible products is becoming increasingly important. In his keynote, Andy Fitze will show that all sectors of primary and secondary industry are affected. Be it mining, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, manufacturing, construction, heavy industry, food, fashion and fast moving consumer goods.

Global spending on AI is expected to reach $110 billion in 2024. In primary and secondary industries, this amount is put into the process of transforming raw materials into tangible consumer goods, so it is sometimes difficult to see and understand where AI is supporting final production.

The role of AI in transforming raw materials into tangible consumer goods where most of us only see the end result, such as the furniture around us, the food on our dining tables, the cosmetics and toiletries in our bathrooms, the clothes we wear, the transportation infrastructure and public transit we use every day, the buildings where we work, shop, and live, and even the equipment and machines that provide energy in our homes.

TECHNOLOGICAL LEADERSHIP / NEW WORKFORCE – “As AI makes more decisions, the nature of leadership will change”

In our rapidly and ambiguously changing business environment, where AI has more knowledge and experience and therefore makes better and faster decisions than humans, the nature of effective leadership must be adapted. In his keynote, Andy Fitze will highlight the transformation in leadership that corresponds to the new business environments driven by cognitive technologies for the benefit of business and society.

- Preparing for the future of business
- Aligning leadership with increasingly intelligent technologies
- Practical insights into renewed leadership

AI INVESTMENT / GLOBAL RACE – “The Shakedown Test of AI Investment.”

In his keynote, Andy Fitze explains the pressures on AI investors. The shakedown test of AI investments is underway. Where our focus is and where we invest our resources is critical for both society and the economy – if not beyond. Let’s explore with Andy Fitze how the climate for AI investment has changed across industries, where the risks and opportunities lie, and how we can ensure that both business and society enjoy the return on investment from AI.

With the growth of Big Data, cheaper and more powerful computers, and deep learning algorithms, AI funding seems to be coming from all corners of the ecosystem. As both public and private funders begin to understand the capabilities and potential of AI, investment in the industry is skyrocketing from startups, established technology companies, corporations, governments, venture capitalists and consulting firms. Venture capital firms are propelling startups forward and funding the minds behind the projects. Governments provide funding for AI research and development. Corporations are allocating their budgets to purchase and implement cognitive technology solutions. Shed light on the current global investment climate and, in turn, how investments in AI have been rethought and reallocated.

IMPLEMENTATION – “How to Establish an Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence.”

Andy Fitze’s keynote focuses on the “AI Centre of Excellence” – the practical steps and components to prepare an organization for a successful AI journey. Finding the right focus, developing a vision, managing expectations, attracting and building talent, developing a technical infrastructure, building external partnerships and internal networks, and considering ethics are just some of the most fundamental components of embedding AI in an organization.

An AI center of excellence is a seemingly complex puzzle with many pieces that must fit together. Andy Fitze puts the pieces of this puzzle together to provide clarity on what an organization needs to do to successfully embark on an AI journey. The keynote will focus on four aspects:

- Determining the purpose and focus of AI.
- Defining the requirements for essential resources
- Defining the process
- The role of executives

In 2015, Andy Fitze was awarded the Swiss CIO Award as the best IT manager in Switzerland. In 2020, Andy Fitze is named as “Top 100 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers 2020” and in 2021, Andy Fitze received the award “One of the 100 most influential people in AI worldwide”.

SwissCognitive “The Global AI Hub” is a trusted network of industries, organizations, enterprises and start-ups to openly & transparently discuss the opportunities, impacts & development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is an on- and offline community that puts the spotlight onto practical use-cases & hands-on experiences, and transfers the hype around Artificial Intelligence into real possibilities.

Andy Fitze and his team at SwissCognitive actively promote the potential and benefits of AI and encourage sharing and learning both online and offline. They foster open, transparent and thought-provoking discussions and present practical and transferable AI use cases from a variety of industries.

Andy Fitze and his team bring together influential voices and decision makers in AI across industries on a global scale, empowering the AI community to openly discuss the potentials and risks. They motivate teams, organizations and industries to work together on effective and value-driven AI solutions.



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