Andreas Koch

Andreas Koch

International Ice Hockey Referee, Lecturer & Entrepreneur

Speaker biography

Andreas Koch, aka „die Pfeife“ has been an ice hockey referee since 1994. He refereed the Swiss league finals in 2013 and 2018, was DEL referee from 2019 – 2021 and has refereed over 2500 games worldwide with his International License.

In addition to his career as a referee, he studied law and holds an MAS in applied business psychology. He built up his own legal consultancy for SMEs, but left this profession again to devote himself to other things. Because there is one thing he has always been: versatile. Andreas Koch enjoys exploring new things and finding solutions to problems. In the meantime, he has become an examination expert for the Swiss Association for Managers, a lecturer in leadership as well as work and organizational psychology (EMBA course).

„Your whole life is about decisions. Fact is: You are a product of your decisions. So if you want to improve the quality of your life in the future, you should improve the quality of your decisions.“

But how does that work? With all the options these days, we often don’t even know what to do….

The world has become complex. Laws and guidelines, requirements from superiors, expectations from shareholders, employees, family… Everyone is looking at you. At the same time, the world has become transparent. Mistakes are immediately uncovered – and no longer tolerated. This inhibits decision-making and increases the pressure.

„The quality of your decisions determines the quality of your life.“

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew how decisions are made and received. And because you know this, you always appear confident and calm? And wouldn’t it be nice if your employees in the company would decide independently in your sense and you would have more time for the beautiful things in life?

Andreas Koch workshop or lecture topics:

In his lectures and workshops, Andreas Koch shows the parallels, but also the differences between the world of sports and the world of work, and what can be derived from this for more performance in work and leisure. The topics can be combined in any way.

The secrets of sports applied to business – opportunities and differences

  1. Always make the right decisions – and when not:
  2. Dealing confidently with mistakes, objections and criticism as well as
  3. Bringing people to lasting top performance thanks to sports psychology


  • Experiments that show you 1:1 how limited our perception works…
  •  how your emotions arise, influence your behavior and judgment and how you can control them…
  • that imparting knowledge can be fun and that the audience will remember your event even after retirement.

Each presentation is unique and customized to your needs. Together, you and your clients or employees will learn:

  • what the difference is between good and great decisions
  • how poorly our perception works, on which we base our judgment and ultimately our decisions
  • what kind of decision maker you are (and how you recognize this in others)
  • how our brain works
  • how you should communicate your decisions so that others follow you immediately
  • how to easily deal with pressure and bad decisions

Like all leaders, referees always have to deal with people who criticize their decisions. I help you to become more quick-witted and to react calmly to objections.

What strategies are there for dealing with critics? How can conflicts be avoided – or, if they have already occurred, made to disappear again? So that an angry customer leaves the store with full pockets at the end?

Fear is a great driver or inhibitor of decisions. If we learn to deal with it, all doors are open to us.

„Together we will work out the decision-making strategy that works for you personally, so you can make the right decisions every time and deal with disruptions confidently and calmly.“

So you will finally get the appreciation you deserve for your difficult decisions/difficult job.

What you take away:

  • The „game plan“ for making good decisions
  • various decision-making techniques
  • The ability to recognize and navigate the decision-making personality of yourself and others.
  • The ability to see through other people and adapt your decision so that it is better received
  • Principles which you can use for your business, leisure or family.
  • Communication techniques in dealing with critics or in difficult conversations
  • Living a culture of error
  • How to motivate followers so that they hang out Superman of their own accord.

„I have been an ice hockey referee since I was 12 years old. In the meantime, I’ve refereed over 2,500 games worldwide and made countless mistakes along the way. Which has helped me a lot because I’ve learned valuable lessons. I show you how to transfer strategies from almost 30 years of sports to business.

My mission is to take away people’s fear of making decisions so they can develop their full potential.“



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