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Ana Maria Montero

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Ana Maria Montero is an international TV, radio and print journalist with 20 years of experience who grew up professionally within the CNN family – from intern to anchor desk – working for CNN International, CNN Español, CNN domestic and HLN, in English and Spanish.

During this time, Ana Maria Montero hosted Escenario, a Los Angeles-based daily entertainment news show focused the arts and entertainment: Hollywood, premieres, celebrity interviews, set visits, film festivals, concerts, album releases, etc., including live coverage of the Academy Awards®, Grammys® and other high-profile events around the globe for CNN and TNT. Not to be limited solely to infotainment however, she rounded out her experience as a live news correspondent working out of the Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Buenos Aires, and Mexico City Bureaus.

In 2017 Ana Maria Montero traded red carpets for stock markets and joined the CNNMoney Switzerland team as an anchor for their flagship business and finance show, The Swiss Pulse. Replacing movie stars and rock legends with CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, bankers, analysts from top global companies, she also became host of the long-format interview show, The Newsmaker. In addition Ana Maria Montero hosted the show, All Inclusive where she focused on topics of diversity and inclusion as well as Tech Talk, a format embracing on all things tech, with a focus on sustainability, the Swiss start-up scene and women in tech.

Ana Maria Montero gave a TEDx talk about sustainability and the media.

When she is not working in front of the camera, Ana Maria Montero is speaking, moderating or hosting in-person and virtual events for a diverse range of conferences, companies, and financial institutions, as well as providing media coaching and training. In addition, she is the co-founder of a non-profit she started with her family, Trekking for Kids, and supports her second daughter through Insieme 21, a group for families of children with Trisomie 21 (Down’s Syndrome).

The pursuit of her own personal story brought this Cuban, Spanish, American to Zurich, where she lives with her family, chases her writing and obsesses about making the world a better place for her girls.



Ana Maria Montero

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Ana Maria Montero

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Ana Maria Montero

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