Ali Aslan

Ali Aslan

International TV presenter & moderator for congresses & conferences

Speaker biography

Ali Aslan - the perfect moderator for international conferences & congresses.

Ali Aslan is an internationally renowned TV presenter and one of the world’s most sought-after moderators of high profile events.

His international career in broadcast journalism spans more than two decades and three continents and includes work for CNN in Washington DC, ABC News in New York, Channel News Asia in Istanbul and Deutsche Welle TV in Berlin, where he was the host of DW’s flagship talk show „Quadriga”, which reached over 200 countries and more than 100 million viewers weekly worldwide.

Ali Aslan is a globally sought-after moderator and Master of Ceremonies of international conferences & summits including for the United Nations, the G20, the EU, the World Bank, the IMF, NATO, FIFA and the OECD.

Ali Aslan has interviewed and shared the stage with many global leaders and public figures, including former US President Bill Clinton, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde, Philanthropist Melinda Gates, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, Environmental pioneer Jane Goodall, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and Grammy award winner to name a few.

A former policy and media advisor to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government, Aslan is also a frequent public speaker on German, European and transatlantic affairs.

Ali Aslan holds masters degrees in International Relations and Journalism from Columbia University in New York and a bachelor’s degree in International Politics from Georgetown University in Washington DC.



Ali Aslan

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Ali Aslan

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Ali Aslan

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