Alexander Metzler

Alexander Metzler

Biohacker - Podcaster - Expert for health and awareness in the digital era

Speaker biography

Alexander Metzler has been working successfully as an independent digital designer in the media industry for decades. He gave everything and overextended himself. In his late 20s, he was diagnosed with severe depression, which became part of his life for many years. In search of ways out of the stressful illness, Alexander Metzler began to explore the supporting pillars of health: What is really important to strengthen physical and mental resilience and which very practical tools can help.

Today, the biohacker and podcaster passes on the knowledge he has gathered and applied over many years as an expert on health and consciousness in the digital age as a speaker and trainer at congresses, in organizations, companies and in the field of corporate health management (BGM).

Alexander Metzler Lecture Topics

  • Healthy biohacks in the digital age – balance in an increasingly complex world

We live in a world of unlimited possibilities. The digital revolution has made our lives more comfortable and efficient on almost all levels, professional and private. Never before has a generation had more choice in terms of options, consumption and entertainment. But where there is light, there is also shadow: Information pressure, speed, the fear of missing something, permanent accessibility and constant seduction around the clock. How do we find balance in an increasingly digital world? How can we enjoy the benefits of digital change without being overrun by it? What role does biohacking play? And what does the ancient power of nature have to do with it?

  • Minify yourself – less is more – happiness through the art of letting go

For decades, advertising has promised us that with this one product, with this one trip, with this one experience, we will finally be happy! The result: our wardrobes are full. Our basements and attics are overflowing. But not only our rooms are getting fuller and fuller. Our thoughts, too, can no longer be sorted. New ones are added all the time. There is a lack of space and peace! It’s time to clean out: inside and outside!

  • Re:connect – The way back to our true core

As human beings we are shaped from childhood on: by parents, kindergarten, school. Later, education, job and partner:in follow. This lecture sets the impulse for ENT-WICKING in the best sense of the word: We recognize these layers, unwind them and connect to the original core within us. From this state we make intuitive decisions, act more calmly, cultivate inner peace and create a happy, sustainable life.

  • Stop polluting – Live sustainably and happily

Why do we actually think we need to protect the planet? The planet will recover! The question is simply: with or without us humans? There is no ENVIRONMENT. There is only the world, of which we humans are a part. Let us protect our environment, let us protect ourselves! This lecture clarifies the thinking error, which we humans commit and points out numerous ways, which do not only protect our environment in the everyday life, but also improve our internal condition and save us still much money.

Alexander Metzler helps people to find orientation in an ever faster changing world.

With his authentic mediation skills, Alexander Metzler sensitizes executives, HR managers and employees to a conscious use of their own resources. He helps people to find orientation in a world that is changing ever faster. Entertaining, inspiring, practical and immediately applicable – that’s what matters to Alexander Metzler. He gives his all to ensure that the audience is inspired after his lectures and is able to go straight into action. True change starts with habits, and we can only change them if the decision comes from within.

His intention is to remind people again of their core, to create more balance and to accompany them on the way to more satisfaction, happiness, performance and sustainability.



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