Aileen Moeck

Aileen Moeck

Expert for Innovation & Transformation, Futurologist

Speaker biography

Aileen Moeck is a futurologist and expert for innovation and transformation with the mission to turn people into active future shapers by activating the future muscle and motivating them to bring their own visionary ideas into the world.

After studying futurology at the FU Berlin, she founded the non-profit educational initiative „Die Zukunftsbauer“. In 2018, she received an award from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the Science Year „Working Worlds of the Future“ for her commitment to bringing future thinking to schools.

Aileen Moeck Lecture Topic

  • A new view of the future!

The impulse takes you on a journey into the future and shows why it is time for a new look at the future. In the context of the lecture the own future muscle will be activated, perspectives will be shifted and a spirit of optimism will be conveyed. Innovation on the outside, attitude on the inside – this is where our own future muscle comes in and only when both sides come together can we become future-robust, as people and as organizations. We look at why imagination is a human superpower and how we can use systemic, visionary and critical thinking to create a good human-made age – Anthropocene.

This talk is ideal as a prelude and head opener for decision makers:inside in the context of strategy and innovation days or board events. With her holistic view, fresh and inspiring style and concrete examples, Aileen Moeck moves people and creates the framework and motivation for their own mission future.

A new view on the future! With these focal points:

  • Time, for a new future courage! What is your Mission Future?
  • Are you already future-literate? This is how you can activate your own future muscle!
  • From hologram architects to oxygen producers, how can we design jobs for tomorrow today?

„It’s not about predicting the one future or creating the one vision. It’s about actively using the power of imagination, thinking in alternatives, and having people discover a mission future for themselves.

She was also able to present her developed approach to shaping the future as an ambassador for Futures Literacy at UNESCO in Paris in 2019. In 2023, she published „The Big Book for Future Kids“ for parents with Duden. Meanwhile, as a Senior Innovation Consultant, Aileen Moeck enriches projects as a holistic transformation expert and impulse generator – from medium-sized businesses to corporate boards.

The combination of innovation, pedagogy, political affinity, entrepreneurship and strategic thinking, as well as the ability to personally inspire others, distinguish her and her work.



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