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Caracas (Santiago de León de Caracas) is the largest city in the country of Venezuela. It is considered a cultural and economic center and is also the capital. Today, the city by the sea has more than 2.1 million inhabitants.

In 1498, Christopher Columbus was the first European to reach the coast of Caracas. The colony founded there is the origin of the city. Around 1750, the city flourished due to the increasing export of cocoa - today, Caracas is primarily the financial and industrial center of Venezuela. The main industries: textile, leather, machinery, automotive and metal.

Caracas is a city that looks back on an eventful history. During the War of Independence, the city was reconquered by the Spanish in 1811 and again in 1814. In 1821, it was once again liberated and incorporated into the former Republic of Greater Colombia. The city is also known for numerous seismic activities and a high crime rate.

However, Caracas also offers numerous attractions in the urban area and in the surrounding borderlands, such as El Ávila National Park.

Caracas - the heart of Venezuela

In the north of the South American country lies the city of Santiago de León de Caracas. Caracas is not only the cultural and economic center of Venezuela. It is the heart and soul of the country!

Caracas is probably one of the liveliest and most diverse cities in South America. Due to the social tensions and discrepancies between rich and poor, Venezuela has developed an impressive cultural and economic structure that is emblematic of the pulsating heart and soul of Venezuela.

In Caracas, the different currents of culture, economy and daily life collide and create an incomparable flair that reflects the character of the city. We recommend that you absorb these tensions during your conference and experience the pulse of the city live and up close.

Important note: Book a guided tour of the city and inquire in advance about the current situation in the respective neighborhoods - especially in the social hot spots of the city, the barrios.

Scenically, the country also has numerous highlight to offer, south of the city is the Ávial Mountains. Please make sure to book guided tours here as well! This will make your meeting in Caracas a safe and impressive experience.

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