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Why Tunis is the right destination for your meeting in Tunisia?

Tunis - the capital of Tunisia, is the largest city in the country and also the provincial capital of the governorate of the same name. The population is over one million. Parts of the city are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Founded as a modest village in the shadow of the ancient city of Carthage, Tunis developed throughout its history into the capital of the country. Tunis is also the economic and commercial heart of Tunisia. The city's extensive infrastructure makes it a point of convergence for national traffic.

The center of Tunis - with its meeting and conference hotels - and the historic old town (Medina) and the new town are located between the Lake of Tunis and the Lake Sebkhet Sedjoumi.

The city is home to the country's most important business enterprises, including companies and banks in the financial services sector. Tunis is also home to the main hub station of the Tunisian national railroad and is served by long-distance, local and suburban services.

Tunis - a synergy of cultures

Tunis has a long tradition and history. The city is one of the oldest in the Mediterranean. The Numidian city of Tunis existed before the arrival of the first Phoenician colonists in the ninth century BC - in 1159 Tunis became the capital of Ifrīqiya and was then one of the leading trade centers with Europe.

The cityscape of Tunis is characterized by the strong contrast between the oriental old town and the European new town. The border point of the two parts of the city is the Victory Square with the former city gate (Porte de France). The main axis of the new town is the boulevard Avenue Habib Bourguiba, with its shopping facilities, restaurants and bars.

Tunis is a very modern and also elegant city - ideal for conference guests who appreciate the interplay of cultures and architectural styles. You will discover oriental-influenced buildings as well as the influence of European architectural styles. Tunis therefore also seems like a synergy of cultures!

A guided city tour is recommended to discover the wonders of Tunis in the best way! Plan a day to explore beautiful seaside resorts, famous landmarks and learn more about the local history, culture and heritage of the country.

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