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Why Riyadh is the right place for your meeting in Saudi Arabia?

Riyadh - also called "the gardens" in translation - is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the province of the same name. More than 6.5 million people live in the Arab metropolis. Riyadh is the economic, administrative and cultural center of the country.

Numerous universities, museums and architectural monuments are located there. Riyadh is also the seat of the Arab government, the parliament and all state authorities.

In its history, Riyadh occupies a central position for Muslims from all over the world! The city has always been an important transit point in the Arab region, the pilgrimage route to Mecca and Medina, as well as an important pilgrimage site of Islam in its own right.

The city is located in the center of the Arabian Peninsula. Through the al-Saud family, Riyadh developed into the country's seat of power - today Riyadh is rich in noteworthy buildings. Especially famous are the two skyscrapers Al Faisaliyah and Al Mamlaka or also called Kingdom Centre.

Riyadh - the heart of the Arab world

The city seems for many Europeans a journey to another world! Nevertheless, Riyadh is an exceptionally beautiful and impressive city that has been rediscovering itself throughout its history!

Today, the old city center of Riyadh is located in the ad-Dira district - west of Al Iman Turki Ibn Abdullah MHD street. In 2018, the Saudi government began a comprehensive restoration process in the historic At Turaif District to preserve the city's historical heritage. The excavation sites have been transformed into an open museum for visitors to tour.

During your meeting, you should not miss to enjoy the Saudi cuisines! In Riyadh you will find numerous exquisite restaurants serving traditional dishes. At Najd Village, faithfully recreated recipes such as Kabsa, Jareesh and Hashi create a traditional atmosphere.

Relaxing hours are promised by a long walk in the Olaya district with its impressive Al Maktaba Park.

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