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Nairobi - Meetings in the heart of Africa

In the capital of Kenya - Nairobi - with its 4.4 million inhabitants, you will experience a multifaceted spectrum of cultural, social and architectural sights. The name of the city comes from the Maa expression Engare Nyarobie - which means "cool river".

Nairobi is located in southern Kenya on the river of the same name, which is fed by the Athi River. The city is also one of the highest cities in Africa. It sits at over 1,624 meters above sea level and is just south of the equator.

The city was once a railroad depot for the British colonial occupiers and was used to distribute goods. Nairobi is still the economic and industrial engine of the country. Major industrial products include textiles, clothing, transportation, building materials and food.

Nairobi's ethnic diversity is also reflected in its architecture - in the center of the city you will find numerous meeting and conference hotels for your stay in the capital of Kenya.

What makes the capital of Kenya so special?

Nairobi is considered the most modern and important commercial center in East Africa and thus occupies a key position in terms of the region's economic importance. On the other hand, however, there is also social and societal poverty.

Kenya's capital is nevertheless rich in culture and ethnic diversity. The cityscape is strongly influenced by the different European, African and Asian currents that meet in Nairobi.

Special highlights and sights in Nairobi:

  • National Museum
  • Railroad Museum
  • National Library
  • State House
  • Nairobi National Park
  • Karura Forest
  • Karen Blixen Museum
  • Ngong Hills
  • Karen Village
  • Kenyatta International Conference Center

To truly experience the city, you should book a guided tour of the Kibera district. The district is home to the city's poor population. Visiting the vibrant and diverse community is both educational and informative.

Nature enthusiasts should also not miss the opportunity to experience a guided safari. Rangers will accompany you into the wild heart of the country and bring you very close to the impressive wildlife!

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