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Why is Amman the right city for your conference?

Amman is the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Amman is a modern city with a rich history. Today, about two million people live in the city - in the entire metropolitan region around four million inhabitants.

Today's financial metropolis Amman experienced economic and social growth after the founding of the State of Israel and is now a major city in the West Bank. The ancient metropolis has grown into a breathtaking mix of culture, history and modernity. Even in the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans, the city was an important economic and trading center.

As the center of early Islamic culture, cosmopolitan Amman is full of surprises and knows how to delight its visitors. Especially for this reason, there are numerous meeting and conference hotels in the city, which offer you the opportunity to plan and implement your meeting in Jordan.

Amman - a synergy of antiquity and modernity

Amman is a center of human history and provides the setting for ancient heroic legends. Even today, the Temple of Hercules from the time of the Romans (162-166) is located in this place. If you want to discover the culture of the ancient world, Amman is the place for you! The Citadel of Amman towers above the city on Jebel el Qalaá. Other highlight in the Jordanian capital:

  • Umayyad Palace Al-Qasr
  • Roman theater
  • King Hussein Bin Talal Mosque
  • Historical markets
  • Jordan Museum
  • Jordan National Museum of Fine Arts

Amman is bursting with culture, but also with innovation, impressively combining its historical heritage with new elements. You can experience this breathtaking synergy of worlds particularly well in Amman's Old City, or Downtown. In the unique mix of modern cafés, traditional stores and artistic graffiti as well as melodious street music, you can lose yourself in the flair and hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy relaxing moments between your conferences.

You can round off your conference evening with a relaxed visit to Rainbow Street on Jebel Amman. The city's famous nightlife district is home to restaurants and bars.

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