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Europe is a continent of diversity, tradition, history and modernity! A long history of great cultural and economic achievements began in Europe with the Neolithic and Bronze Age.

Especially the Greek and Roman cultures have shaped the continent, it's past as well as its future and its people. Europe is a continent with many coasts, for example on the Baltic and North Sea or the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. In addition, there are distinct forest areas in the north and east of the continent and massive mountain formations (e.g. the Alps) in the center of Europe.

Europe also plays an important role in the foundation and development of numerous metropolises, such as São Paulo, Buenos Aires, New York, Boston and Sydney. The economic and cultural influence of European countries and their cities is felt in all parts of the world.

Top 5 cities in Europe:

  • Rome
  • Madrid
  • Berlin
  • London
  • Paris

In addition to the well-known metropolises, there are numerous other diverse and exciting cities to discover, which offer excellent conditions for a successful and varied meeting or conference!

Meeting and conference destinations in Europe

The regions, countries and cities of Europe offer ideal conditions for meeting, conference and event visitors: In addition to an excellent infrastructure, you will find in the European countries a wide and varied range of different cultural events and sights, natural regions and thus versatile opportunities for an exciting social program.

For example, you can experience an exciting culture, excellent conference hotels and Nordic serenity in Copenhagen. The Nordic capital of Denmark inspires with its coolness and openness - ideal for your meeting or conference.

Fantastic art buildings, beautiful beaches and a lively cultural scene: Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and offers excellent day trip possibilities on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Artistic, exquisite and musical it gets in Vienna! The former imperial city in the heart of Austria impresses with numerous sights such as Schönbrunn Palace or the Spanish Riding School.

In Munich, the cosmopolitan city with a big heart, you will find magnificent architecture, castles, museums and beautiful nature regions in the immediate vicinity of the Bavarian Alps - here, conferences will be a complete success!

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