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Shanghai - Your destination for meetings and events at the China Sea

Shanghai is the most important industrial city of the People's Republic of China and one of the largest cities in the world. The city is gigantic and mysterious: Shanghai is one of the megacities of the world and nowhere else China shows itself so international, cosmopolitan and luxurious!

Around 25 million people live in the contrasting metropolis on the China Sea. While the inner city area is strongly characterized by urban change, rural and natural landscapes dominate in the outskirts.

The city has long been one of the leading centers of the textile industry in the People's Republic of China. Other important production sectors include chemicals and pharmaceuticals, as well as machinery, steel and paper.

Shanghai is divided into 19 county-like districts, 18 districts and one county. In the center of the city you will find impressive buildings and sights. For example, the extravagant Shanghai Grand Theater is located on People's Square.

Likewise, luxurious and excellent meeting and conference hotels are lined up in downtown Shanghai and offer excellent conditions for meetings, conferences and events in the People's Republic of China.

What can you do in Shanghai during your meeting or event?

In the impressive metropolis on the China Sea you will walk between the imposing skyscrapers of the city, traditional buildings and sights as well as first-class restaurants with modern and regional cuisine!

During your conference, you can discover the country's eventful history and impressive culture on a guided city tour! For example, explore the fascinating Old Town, the classic Yu Garden and marvel at the gigantic Shanghai World Finance Center.

Other sights and attractions in Shanghai:

  • Long Hua Pagoda
  • Yu Garden
  • Waibaidu Bridge
  • Shanghai World Financial Center
  • Jin Mao Tower
  • Huangpu People's Park on the banks of the Huangpu River
  • Chenshan Botanical Garden
  • Nanjing Lu
  • Shanghai Peace Hotel
  • District of the former French Concession

For artistic and creative inspiration, visit the city's many museums, art galleries and show rooms. The Shanghai Museum houses an extensive collection of Chinese art (e.g. ceramics, porcelain and paintings) - Shanghai is truly a center of China's art and culture scene.

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